Activities and Research in Environments for Creativity

Established for the charitable purpose of supporting activities and research in the field of environments which support creativity for public benefit.

Status: Registered Charity

Location: Aotearoa (Sometimes referred to as New Zealand)

We provide opportunities to participate in activities and research including but not limited to education and self-learning, the creation of art and creative outputs, basic and practical research, publishing, community initiatives, and poverty relief through education in creative living.

We support, assist, promote and encourage individuals and groups (including but not limited to humans) involved in activities and research in environments for creativity.

We protect and foster environments (including but not limited to physical, social, and psychological environments) for creativity and promote a greater understanding and/or appreciation of all forms of activity and research in environments for creativity.

Board and Advisors/Guests

Xin Cheng

Adam Ben-Dror

Chris Berthelsen

Rumen Rachev
(Creative Guest, Wairua Awhina, and Director of 希望学)